Nothing has killed off more clownfish in recent years than the movie "Finding Nemo". The mad rush of people going out to setup aquariums for clownfish without a full understanding of what they were doing was insane (as a hobbyist I have a very close relationship with my local shop, and was grateful to see him saying… » 7/23/14 10:54pm Yesterday 10:54pm

Amazing shot - I've had the pleasure of diving with a couple of large rays like those (though I believe at least one of those was a manta) and they are truly impressive to see. While completely harmless, it's easy to forget that when you see one up close because they are so large and alien looking - even more so, I'd… » 7/23/14 9:53pm Yesterday 9:53pm

I dunno - I mean for the game a smaller wall works fine - and as a teaching tool it would work ok too: the idea is to give someone the tools to be able to figure out how best to climb: what paths to look for, what grips are most effective etc. Don't necessarily need to spoon feed someone once they're onto a larger… » 7/23/14 2:16pm Yesterday 2:16pm

Honestly, I'm more interested in an electrochromatic face shield - I admittedly wear a 3/4 helmet, but I'd find that of far more use than a HUD. I'll reserve judgement until after I try it but, generally speaking, the less crap I have going in front of my eyes, the better. I have a GPS on my bars, that I only… » 7/22/14 6:06pm Tuesday 6:06pm

I agree 100% - for laptops you really can't do better than the thinkpad lineup right now. I use them at work and at home as well (t430, w520, and a first gen x1). Great, solid machines, decent customer service, and CONSTANTLY on huge sales. » 7/22/14 12:01pm Tuesday 12:01pm

They do have a gift shop, sorry to say (I visited there 20 years ago and was not terribly pleased to see that). Also there's a difference between taking pictures of the site and taking a selfie that would have looked more in place at a rock concert. I'm sorry, but Auschwitz is not someplace that makes people… » 7/21/14 3:51pm Monday 3:51pm

In any interesting, semi-related turn of events, I just had to reup my contract with FIOS and found that, thanks to some kind of rebates, for 1 penny more per month I just upped from 50/25 to 75/75. If I picked the 50/25, my price was actually 20 bucks HIGHER than it was before. » 7/21/14 10:13am Monday 10:13am

While I'm not a huge fan of my XBO so far, the fact that they're adding this feature means I can ditch the PS3 which sits, unused, EXCEPT when I want to watch a 3d bluray. One less box under my TV is a good thing and, beyond that, it frees up an HDMI port on my receiver which has, remarkably, been tapped out. » 7/21/14 9:06am Monday 9:06am