I seem to recall something like this existing back in the day when arcades were still king...I wish I could remember what it was called, but I seem to remember it being very spherical in its shape, and I seem to recall it being something stupid like 3 bucks per play (while the game was no longer than your average game… » 4/15/14 8:57am Tuesday 8:57am

Seriously - do you have ANY idea what a view like that would cost in Manhattan? My girlfriend lives on the upper east side with a view of Roosevelt Island and a couple of the crossings, and she pays 2k a month for a studio (and considers herself lucky since it's only that cheap by being subsidized by her employer, who… » 4/14/14 5:10pm Monday 5:10pm

First of all, not to knock the article which is dead on balls accurate but...really? The day after the guy dies you post an article with the headline saying he's a dick? He was insane, said a lot of stupid things, did a lot of steroids, and yes was likely a dick - but how about just a modicum of respect for the dead? » 4/09/14 3:57pm 4/09/14 3:57pm

Really fantastic article. As someone who is just really getting started in the sport, I've had a lot of the mental stuff that the author mentions (though obviously about much more reasonable distances). My average training run is only 2 miles, and my "long" run prior to my 5k was 4 miles. But I totally get what she's… » 4/08/14 1:51pm 4/08/14 1:51pm

At this point it wouldn't shock me if this were a non-found-finding. In otherwords, China/Malaysia want to shut everyone up - so yes, we heard a ping from the middle of the indian ocean. We looked down to whatever the tech diver limit is, and found no survivors. Your loved ones are dead, and we've proven it - now… » 4/05/14 10:43am 4/05/14 10:43am

Beers don't have their own glasses??? EXTREMELY inaccurate statement. While your typical budweiser, miller, shitty beers do NOT, I think you'll find that outside of American macrobrews a LOT of breweries make specific glasses designed to bring out flavor in their beers. I spent nearly two weeks in Belgium, and sampled… » 4/04/14 5:42pm 4/04/14 5:42pm