Which Macbook to buy?

So after years of simply "borrowing" laptops from the office, building it with an OEM copy of win 7 and using that as my "personal" device, I've finally decided that it's time to suck it up and buy myself a laptop. First time in YEARS I've even considered the notion.

Now I think I've finally convinced myself that a macbook of some kind is the right move. Being that I'm already firmly planted in iOS with an iphone and ipad, it seems to make sense so that I can take full advantage of all the integration that they've baked right in. The question is, which one?


I'm all for portability, so the air popped into my head briefly - but the upgraded graphics capabilities and prettier screen of the pro are calling my name...and with the 13" starting just 100 bucks more than the air, it seems like a pretty good value as well. But again, that question comes up: which one?

For a point of reference, I've been using a lenovo W520 with an NVIDIA quatro 1000M under the hood. Not exactly a graphics processing beast, but it's been sufficient for watching movies, browsing, and the occasional bit of light gaming (I think the most graphically advanced game I've spent any time tinkering on was Diablo II and III and WoW briefly). I also do tend to run a couple of VMs as part of a home lab - but they're not on constantly, and I would expect that any modern processor would be able to handle it...

So my thinking right now is the base 13" MBP config at $1299. Doesn't seem unreasonably priced, and appears to be sufficient to handle my fairly basic computing needs. Don't need huge storage since I have a NAS running that holds all my media. Don't need an optical drive (and I have several externals available if I ever did). What do y'all think?

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